Exam Season

June 11, 2009

Is this a Club or or Exam Hall?

"Is this a Club or or Exam Hall?" by davidhc (yes with two ors)

Well… for me, the exam season is up which means enough time to get back to some writing. And the end of stress for atleast 14 days – yeah okay I know that it’s probably a million times less stressful than some peoples jobs but i guess it’s all relative, and this is as stressed as I’ve been so far (so far this lifetime that is).

Anyway, whilst I’ve been away I’ve been really amazed by the number of emails I’ve had from people in simular situations as me. Some have been positive, some have been constructive and some have been depressing. But there is one thing common between all of them, they have stunned me… Everone is unique but it’s great to know that some people are simular to you. Maybe I’m not making any sence…

Someone (who I will not reveal) told me a story about mathematics – keep reading it gets better… think back to your time in school, were you any good at maths? I guess it probably doesn’t matter if you are or not. Anyway, surely at some point a friend must have asked, “take a look at this, what am I doing wrong”, so you take a look, you could do it alone five minutes ago. But suddenly you’re overloaded, stunned – you just can’t think (or read for that matter).

When I was diagnosed with dyslexia, the educational phycologist described it to me as a bottle neck; cognative functioning may be above normal but the information passes slightly slower into the brain in certain cituations. But I wonder, how much of this ‘overloading’ is caused by the so-called bottle neck and how much is caused by us expecting it to happen once we have been diagnosed?


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