“Here’s some technical stuff, because I don’t want you to think I’m linking to spam” – Mr. Abel

This advert; nice and obvious.

This advert; nice and obvious. Courtesy: Smabs Sputzer

Link Policy

(WordPress‘s Terms of Use overrides this policy, if any contradiction is found please leave a comment for the author.)

This blog often contains links to other sites when a phrase or word is used which the author believes the the reader may wish to be defined. These links will not be used to generate revenue, with the exception of any obvious adverts placed by WordPress. It is not the authors intention to deceive the reader in any way.

If you have a comment on this policy please express yourself below.

Reciprocal Links

This site accepts reciprocal links from those with websites concerning dyslexia or other learning disabilities. If you would like to apply for a reciprocal link, please contact the author. A reciprocal link requires that you also link to this blog from your site, a link to your site, if accepted, would be placed here.


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